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UKAF will face a stiff test in the next round of the Presidents Cup as they meet a strong Universities side in Rochdale on 20th June

The preliminary squad has been announced and those selected players will go into training camp on 18th June ahead of the fixture on 20th June.

The always strong Universities team will be a great test for the UKAF side and new head coach Danny Johnson who will look to peg back the students in terms of games won since the inception of this format in 2014.

This fixture will be staged at the Keswick Street home to Rochdale Mayfield in Lancashire kicking off at 8pm. This match will be preceded by the GB Teaches fixture against the GB Police.

Rochdale Mayfield ARLFC, Mayfield Sports Centre, Keswick Street, Castleton, Rochdale, OL11 3AG

The preliminary squad for this fixture is as follows with final selection to be announced on game day:

Royal Navy

  1. Darren Bamford

  2. Jack Basher

  3. Adam Birkett

  4. Jamie Birdsall

  5. Silivenusi Buinimasi

  6. Luke Cooper

  7. Josh Coupland

  8. Johnny Griffiths

  9. Danny Heaton

  10. Mike Haldenby

  11. Shaun Houghton

  12. Nathan Lee

  13. James Parry

  14. Ben Taylor

  15. Jarron Southernwood


  1. Mickey Hoyle

  2. Jordan Kerman

  3. Pete Holmes

  4. Jamie Laing

  5. Ben Cartmell

  6. Matt Scott

  7. Andy Ward

  8. Kieron Roche

  9. Tom Lawless

  10. Shaun Allen

  11. Mike Harrison

  12. George Clarke

Royal Air Force

  1. Lee Queeley

  2. Si Wray

  3. Nathan Barker

  4. Sam Breeze

  5. Elliott Kerry

  6. Jiute Tupua

  7. Ben Mellor

  8. Lewis Farr

  9. Adam Flintham

  10. Jake Starbuck

  11. Conall Barningham

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